ICS – Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile patrols and emergency response vehicles provide a cost-effective and flexible system for site security.

Regular visits by trained security officers, alert to any unusual circumstances on your site give all-round protection 24 hours a day 365 days per year. The inspections, on a routine basis or as spot-checks, provide you not only with a deterrent against criminals and vandals, but as an ‘early warning’ of fire risk, health and safety hazards, perimeter loopholes and other weakness in you ‘defences’.

It takes a special kind of officer to react under these conditions and ICS ensure that staff chosen for mobile patrols have the confidence and initiative to be able to assess circumstances and respond appropriately.

All mobile patrols must contact the control centre hourly and log any incidents. Each site visit is recorded electronically, with regular reports to clients. ICS never stands still: It is security in action.

ICS mobile patrols are on call to assist static security officers and dog patrols at any time.

Each vehicle is equipped with a dedicated link to the control centre. Fitted with state of the art equipment, the control centre is the hub of the ICS patrol service, and where most investment is targeted. If any fails to make its hourly check-call to the centre, a mobile patrol is sent out. All vehicles are under two years old and some are four-wheel drive, so no corner of site is left unchecked.

The ICS system of mobile patrol is another way in which your business can be protected within budget. But if ICS surveyors feel that, to be safe, your require something more, they will advise you accordingly.

Call us to see how we can keep your business on the move.

Security now saves fuss later