ICS For Keyholding

How often have you been called out late at night, because the intruder alarm at your business premises has been set off?

Sometimes after an evening out it is the last thing you want to hear. So let ICS take the strain for you with its key holding service.

When the alarm is activated the police or alarm monitoring station contact our 24 hour control centre instead of you or one of your work colleagues. Our emergency response vehicle will respond on your behalf and attend site.

If the alert is a false alarm our officer will thoroughly check the premises before leaving and re set the alarm, leaving a report for you in a designated area, without disturbing you or your colleagues.

At ICS , we appreciate the trust you will need to allow us to operate this valuable service, but we have many clients who, respecting our integrity are more than willing to give us this responsibility, for it gives them a fast and experienced response when it is most needed.

All keys to a site are coded and kept in a safe provision until needed. Before use, each must be signed-for and, during transit, is kept in a secure box in the vehicle. As any stage of a call out, we know exactly who has control of the key and where it is.

This is a highly-prized service offered by ICS  at relatively little cost, but it is probably the simplest way of all to bring you genuine peace of mind around the clock.

Call us to see how we can hold the key to your business security